{ “My time in Accra was very well spent. Thanks to delicately assembled/loaded programmes, designed and run by a highly competent team of professionals and the experiences and knowledge shared with a select energetic group of young African Fund Managers attracted from different parts of the continent.”
African Capital Alliance (Nigeria)
Olumide Obayomi , African Capital Alliance (Nigeria)
{ “One thing that I definitely want to highlight is the quality of all the material, the details and specifics, and how the mechanics were explained and documented in the material, is super.”
Gram Oorja (India)
Rahul Singh , Gram Oorja (India)
{ "It's been a pleasant experience. Awesome insight of the facilitators appropriately customised for the target audience, having immense impact on the receptive audience. Thanks a lot for managing the give time on individual level. Wish you the best!"
Husk Power Systems, Patna, India
Rajneesh, Husk Power Systems, Patna, India
{ "Book café has not only provided a conducive environment for sharing without being judged but also for growth in all aspects of life that we take for granted."
Fawzia Sallie, ABSA Bank
{ "The workshop was well organized and professional. The group discussion approach enabled me to interact and network freely with all participants in a homely environment and created an opportunity where I benefited from a pool of intellectuals. It was really a ground breaking workshop."
GroFin (Rwanda)
Eric Rwigamba , GroFin (Rwanda)
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