About Us

We are a global specialist provider of training and development solutions to support and grow impactful leaders and businesses.

We specialise in developing and delivering bespoke programmes.

Our promise is to deliver exceptional products and services of outstanding quality to achieve measureable performance and results.


Optima is a South African based company established in 2008 in collaboration with the Shell Foundation, London, as a global and dedicated skills developer for providers of viability-based risk finance for SMEs.

OUR Focus

At Optima, we firmly believe that each organisation has specific needs and issues that cannot be addressed by off-the-shelf products and services only and therefore specialise in developing and managing customised learning solutions for targeted groups in businesses.


We significantly shorten the learning curve of those who use our products and services. At Optima we achieve this by designing and developing effective programmes that are aligned to your strategy and business goals. Our programme designs are integrated with your existing development processes with the result that your teams achieve productivity in considerably less time, saving you substantial operational costs.

Although all our training has a strong theoretical base, we focus on building effective practical skills that can be applied in the workplace immediately after training, and we measure the impact our programmes have on team performance and business results.

Our strategy

We use experts to create and facilitate unique learning and growth opportunities based on best practices, relevant experience and academic research. We unlock potential and add value through our professional approach, competence and services.


  • Our integrity is evident.
  • We provide exceptional quality.
  • We focus on impact beyond learning.
  • Our clients are our business.
  • Our team is our differentiator.
  • We visibly promote employee growth and well-being.


  • Leadership development, specific management development (e.g. managing a sales team), generic management development
  • Organisational development
  • Business management and development
  • Personal development
  • Technical development (e.g. how to operate or maintain a plant)


Our professional team at Optima consists of a core full-time team experienced at organisation and human resource development, business development, business management, talent management, capacity building, coaching, and clinical psychological services. We augment the core team with selected associate facilitators as needed.


The Optima shareholders are part of our management structure and are actively involved in the daily management activities of the company.

We are known for committing our expertise, knowledge and passion to assist participants to learn in uniquely different and effective ways, encouraging the transfer and the application of knowledge and learning to the workplace.


Collective experience Field of expertise
105 Years SME sector
150 Years Learning design & delivery ranging from:
• Shop floor to post graduate
• Includes all modes of delivery
5 000 SMEs Business plan evaluation and BDA
27 Countries Delivery of products and services, including:
• Africa
• India
• UK
• Middle East
• South America
• Far East
65 Countries Global travel exposure