Auto Pedigree is part of the JSE-listed Imperial Group.

Auto Pedigree has the largest stock pool of used cars in the country; 3000 – 3500 vehicles to choose from across all makes and models, available at more than 65 branches nationwide. Auto Pedigree also offers a unique 30-day exchange plan on the same make and model.

20170916_115329In preparation for the conference the five most critical issues and opportunities for 2018 were identified. A related explorative questionnaire was created with the purpose to invite an organisational wide responds. The feedback of the questionnaire was analysed and documented and became the backbone of the solution-focused conference.


Each delegate received a puzzle piece related to the logo and theme of the conference, and had to complete the puzzle collectively by interacting with each other extensively.


Everyone worked very hard during the sessions and valuable information and solutions from the Branch and Regional Managers were elicited and used to craft a plan for the way forward. Draft Action Plans have already been developed and the implementation thereof will start in the last week of September.