APPROVED_20150603_Volkswagen logo_from Lizelle

Optima has again won the tender to develop Dealer Principals for the Volkswagen Dealer Network in SA from March 2018 to December 2019. It is the third time that Optima has been trusted with the Dealer Principal Apprentice Programme (DPAP) and we are very proud of this appointment.

The programme’s main aim is to develop BBBEE Dealer Principals for the network, and the first two programmes were very successful in this regard.

The programme consists of formal training (through Sewells), as well as short courses, assignments, educational visits and, most importantly, individual coaching. Towards the end of the programme delegates also get the opportunity to “shadow manage” each of the departments in a Dealership (e.g. Parts, Service, and Sales).

Recruitment and selection of suitable delegates starts in March 2018.