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Optima Assessment Centre specialises in a wide range of psychometric assessments, competency assessments and psychological profiling of all levels of staff and applicants. We utilise an array of psychometric instruments, questionnaires, business simulations, 360° questionnaires and surveys to perform cognitive-, personality-, emotional-, skills- and competency assessments. These assessments are administered at the work place and are also available online (web-based).

Our Assessment Centre applies an integrated approach to assessing the current and potential competencies of employees and of applicants, against specific job requirements. Assessments are conducted with adherence to legal and ethical requirements in accordance with standards set by the SA Health Professions Council and Professional Board for Psychologists.

Assessments are utilised (amongst others) for selection purposes (to identify the most suitable and competent applicants) as well as the identification of training/development needs through assessment of existing staff.