Our range of psychological and occupational assessments facilitates informed decision making related to the profiling of all staff.

At Optima we offer a unique approach focussed on the identification, retention and optimal utilisation of potential and existing talent. Our suite of assessment solutions highlights the appropriate combination of individual and team assessments to inform decisions within the following categories:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Competence assessment
  • Succession planning and career progression
  • Talent management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership and management styles
  • Work styles and integrity
  • Team profiles
  • Team building opportunities
  • Career enhancement
  • Coaching opportunities
  • Identifying strengths and development areas
  • Personality and behavioural measurement
  • Training and development opportunities

We partner with our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of needs and we provide interpretive reports with detailed feedback per individual.

Conducting an engagement Survey


Information regarding the work force’s engagement, attitude, perceptions and also organisation climate is important to top management to identify risk factors and shape management and leadership styles. The ability to manage the culture and conduct of the workforce offers a competitive advantage. In a volatile economic environment a constructive and productive culture is a critical component of organisational sustainability. However, to effectively manage culture as a source of competitive advantage, it needs to be measured appropriately. Optima offers a measurement instrument and platform by means of a survey.

Survey Administration

The survey will be conducted electronically via e-mail, using Survey Monkey as the platform.

The main advantages of using this approach is that it ensures respondent confidentiality and internal resources will not be required to conduct the survey. Employees will receive a link with a survey introduction and completion instructions.

The client only needs to provide a complete and accurate spreadsheet of the survey participants, indicating their Division, Company, Department, Direct Manager and email addresses.

Benefits and results

We endeavour to deliver the following:

  • Provide valid and reliable information regarding employees’ attitudes and perceptions. The survey will measure and report critical organisation climate factors that influence work motivation, productivity, employee morale and organisation commitment.
  • Survey data which will be analysed and reported offering insight into employees’ attitudes and opinions at various levels (Division level and Company level). Survey results will it highlight the differences between various employee sub-groups (differences in perceptions between gender groups, population groups, management levels, etc.).
  • The survey will provide an opportunity for employees to voice their concerns in a safe environment and to tap into their experiences of the organisation, in order to provide effective solutions for addressing identified concerns.
  • The survey will help to identify areas of strength that can be enhanced, pinpoint problem areas in the organisation and suggest action plans for improvement. Chi-square automatic interaction detection (CHAID) analysis will be used to determine which organisation climate variables correlate the most with overall employee satisfaction. This analysis will point out the focus areas where interventions can be expected to contribute the most towards improving overall satisfaction (quick gain areas).

Analyses will also be conducted to provide in-depth insight into the turnover intention and reasons for considering leaving the Company, and highlight where statistically significant differences existed within sub-groups. This should enable the organisation to develop tailor-made retention strategies that address the needs of targeted employee groups.

Professional assessment services


The proper assessment of staff and applicants is an imperative for building and maintaining a competent staff complement. This must be seen against the high demand for skills on the one hand and the low level of competence provided by our primary and secondary education system. The situation is further accentuated by the high unemployment and the large number of low skilled applicants as well as certain legal/regulatory requirements from government.

Optima Assessment Centre specialises in a wide range of psychometric assessments, competency assessments and psychological profiling of all levels of staff and applicants. Dr Johan de Beer, a registered Industrial Psychologist utilises an array of validated psychometric instruments, questionnaires, business simulations, 360°questionnaires, and surveys to perform cognitive-, personality-, emotional-, skills- and competency assessments. These assessments are administered at the work place and also online/web-based.

Our Assessment Centre applies an integrated approach to assessing the current and potential competencies of employees and candidates against the specific requirements of the position. Assessments are conducted with adherence to legal requirements and ethical standards in accordance with the SA Health Professions Council.

Assessments are utilised for selection purposes to identify the most suitable and competent applicants; identification of training/development needs through assessment of existing staff; engagement levels of existing staff.

The continuous research enables us to stay abreast of the most appropriate methods and techniques.