Programme management
Optima has the ability to manage the implementation of programmes on a turnkey basis for our clients as follows:

Before the start of the learning events

  • Make all logistical arrangements
  • Send invitation mails and SMS’s
  • Communicate required preparation to delegates
  • Train workplace coaches
  • Brief in-company guest speakers
  • Print learning material

During the learning events

  • Monitor and support delegates, facilitators and clients staff involved in the learning
  • Send reminders to delegates, e.g. during a five month programme
  • Monitor submission of assignments and manage the assessment of the assignments
  • Record and provide assessment results
  • Address administrative and logistical challenges
  • Continuous communication with client
  • Continuous communication with delegates

After the learning events

  • Provide attendance registers – in the relevant SETA’s Annual Training Report format
  • Consolidate workshop evaluations and prepare a report
  • Review the programme based on feedback, evaluation and recommendations