{ “One thing that I definitely want to highlight is the quality of all the material, the details and specifics, and how the mechanics were explained and documented in the material, is super.”
Gram Oorja (India)
Rahul Singh , Gram Oorja (India)
{ "Excellent course. Perfectly tailored to our investment philosophy and very timely. The exercises/case studies were very helpful, so include more."
KingKuba Capital, DRC
Aaron Myers, KingKuba Capital, DRC
{ "Optima's training programme condenses years of experience into customised and interactive training programmes for aspiring fund managers. The level of detail delivered by their senior managers impressed us and represented great value for money. No one else out there is delivering this type of capacity building."
Shell Foundation 2
Simon Desjardin, Programme Manager: Shell Foundation
{ "The content of their programmes and interventions has always been of high quality and because they have always ensured thorough line management input during the development phases, content has also been relevant and met client requirements."
Associated Motor Holdings
Otto Koornhof, Group Human Resources Manager, Associated Motor Holdings
{ “My time in Accra was very well spent. Thanks to delicately assembled/loaded programmes, designed and run by a highly competent team of professionals and the experiences and knowledge shared with a select energetic group of young African Fund Managers attracted from different parts of the continent.”
African Capital Alliance (Nigeria)
Olumide Obayomi , African Capital Alliance (Nigeria)
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