{ "The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) delivered by Optima will make a lasting contribution to our company's future. Thanks to Johan Rossouw, Nickey Hart-Crosby and the rest of the Optima team for the above and beyond approach to bringing this programme to life."
ARB Electrical Wholesalers
Blayne Burke, Chief Executive Officer at ARB Electrical Wholesalers
{ “One thing that I definitely want to highlight is the quality of all the material, the details and specifics, and how the mechanics were explained and documented in the material, is super.”
Gram Oorja (India)
Rahul Singh , Gram Oorja (India)
{ "Excellent course. Perfectly tailored to our investment philosophy and very timely. The exercises/case studies were very helpful, so include more."
KingKuba Capital, DRC
Aaron Myers, KingKuba Capital, DRC
{ "The workshop was one of the best training sessions I have ever attended, the facilitators were very friendly, exhibited high degree of competence and exceeded the expectations of participants."
Fidelity Capital Partners (Ghana)
Philip Danquah, Fidelity Capital Partners (Ghana)
{ "Optima provides innovative training a step ahead of challenges facing entrepreneurs."
GroFin (Kenya)
Robert Wanjohi, GroFin (Kenya)
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