{ "Volkswagen South Africa partnered with Optima in 2010 to develop a customised leadership development programme specifically aimed at high potential black portfolio management within its franchised dealer network. The programme was approved as a pilot programme initially. Based on the success of the pilot programme and the skills, professional input, guidance and management of the Optima team, Volkswagen South Africa agreed to expand the offering by more than tripling the intake on the 2nd wave which kicked off at the beginning of 2015. Volkswagen South Africa is pleased to be able to continue its partnership with Optima and values the service it has delivered to date."
Volkswagen South Africa
Haley Botha, Volkswagen South Africa
{ "Shell Foundation also engaged Optima to provide specialist support and training to a number of our partners in Africa and India. Both we – and our partners – valued the advice provided, which led to tangible improvements in their performance and our understanding as to help “social enterprises”."
Shell Foundation
Dr Chris West , former Managing Director of the Shell Foundation
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