Dare2care logoIt’s the usual hustle and bustle found in most households with children – the alarm goes off, and the house is energised while everyone’s getting dressed, eating breakfast, and rushing off to school! Then suddenly, everything quiets down and Mom/Dad is left alone to plan for the children’s return later in the day.

The difference is that this Mom/Dad has approximately fifteen children to look after, and they’re not theirs! These children have all been traumatised in some or other way and have been removed from their places of safety. They’ve been neglected or physically and emotionally abused in such a way that the South African children’s court placed them at this house of safety because here they’ll receive the love and care they’re yearning for.

The question is how does this Mom/Dad who cares for these children cope? How do they deal with the planning to feed, clothe, and accommodate the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs of each child and manage to remain balanced themselves?

Dare2care 1The Management of Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s homes identified and shared   this need with the Management team of Optima Training (Pty) Ltd. After a two year planning phase the “dare2care” programme was developed and recently launched. The purpose of this programme is to serve as a source to:

The dare2care programme purpose

The programme is content-light, holistic, mostly face-to-face and modular. Facilitators Dare2care 2from Optima, Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s homes provide interactive and practical learning. The programme will be available to other Children’s homes after this initial ‘pilot’ phase. The target audience is:

The dare2care programme target audience

Currently the programme consists of the following ten modules, presented over a year:

Dare2care 3

Optima is proud to be the sponsor of this unique programme and we’re looking forward to continue to contribute to the development of this programme and to eventually take it beyond these two homes. This is our contribution to help generate an income for Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s homes and to build the capacity of care givers who look after our hurt and neglected children – who deserve so much more!