The disruption and impact of Covid-19 on organisations, employees, operations, and customers have been significant and unprecedented. It has resulted in heightened levels of uncertainty, economic and emotional stress and anxiety on both a professional and personal level. The global and local government interventions such as lockdown and the phased recovery stages, with the associated rules and regulations, has exacerbated people’s mixed emotions and responses during this time. The changes to the way we live and behave currently has raised some questions and thinking that we may not have seen or considered before! The phased approach back into our workplace maybe even more difficult to navigate than lockdown.

What will this mean for businesses? There is no doubt we are overloaded with information, statistics and news which can distract us from what we should be focusing on.

How businesses and leaders respond to the current situation and the future will be vital for business sustainability, employee/employer relationships, commitment and trust, and growth. The impact of the personal and economic lockdown crisis must be carefully managed and considered, with clear direction, collaboration, compassion, consultation and humility. This to ensure businesses maintain and grow relationships, customer loyalty, employee commitment and a healthy culture to facilitate ongoing productivity, performance and prosperity. There is a real opportunity to build a competitive advantage for continued sustainability and employee wellness to navigate this pandemic over the next 18 months. Or longer?

Optima is walking this journey with you and will continue, where possible, to partner and support you, our clients, during this uncertain time. As you determine what your ‘new normal’ or future looks like, our capability, resources and company ethos can enable and equip you to smoothly trade and succeed during this time.

The OPTIMA Team is equipped, willing and able to add value in a manner that facilitates your needs and optimises your future potential.

Whilst we have shared some of our thinking with you below, our main emphasis is to ensure that we can partner according to your circumstances and needs for the best outcomes:

  • Helping clients to find integrated, practical solutions during this pandemic which is impacting business strategy and operations with a view on future operations and changes. (work sessions, workshopping, templates and the like)
  • Building a ‘needs analysis framework’ to check where your business and employees are and what may be ‘next for them’.
  • Supporting resulting outcomes from your needs analysis
  • With you, co-create a platform to think through the necessary frameworks, protocols and road maps to manage people, processes and systems.
  • Facilitating ‘insights and understanding’ into the needs and wants for the current and future situation for employers/employees
  • Engaging in conversations with leadership and management to help manage change, build confidence and capabilities during Covid-19 and future working models.
  • Partnering in developing plans and solutions linked to employee wellness, ways of working and engagement.
  • Facilitating ‘fireside chats’ for your businesses to manage this crisis in the now and the future
  • Providing supportive and effective Coaching, mentoring and counselling during this time
  • Brainstorming sessions for a well-integrated Covid-19 plan
  • Partnering on solutions and applications that prepare for the return of ‘non-essential’ workers and to help in the transition back to work